How to Determine Which Version of TMG Server 2010 is installed

How to Determine Which Version of TMG Server 2010 is installed



October 02, 2010
Last Updated : October 26, 2013

One of the common questions that comes to the mind of any TMG administrator that sits in front of a TMG server that was installed by someone else is "Is this TMG Updated ? Which Service Pack is installed ?"
In this article, I will be showing you three different ways that can help you to know which version of TMG you are running.

Note : An Updated article is published and can found here : ISA 2004, ISA 2006 and TMG Server 2010 Version Numbers


I usually use one of the below three methods to indentify the version number of TMG server I'm running :

  • From TMG Help menu

  • From TMG System node

  • Using Control Panel

I will start by showing you the three different methods, and then at the end of this article I will summarize the different version numbers in a table.

  • Lets start with the help menu :

  1. Open TMG 2010 Management Console

  2. Click on Help and then click on About Forefront Threat Management Gateway...

  3. From the About Forefront Threat Management Gateway...  page, you can find the version number which is : 7.0.7734.100

    This is the RTM version number of Forefront TMG 2010.


  • Identifying the version number using the System node :
  1. Using TMG 2010 management console, from the left side pane, click on the System node

  2. In the middle pane, under the Servers tab, you can see the version number under the Version column.


  • Identifying the version number using the Control Panel :

    The third way to identify the version number of TMG is by using the Uninstall a Program applet from Control Panel

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel

  2. Under the Programs category, click on Uninstall a program

  3. The version number will be found under the Version column

    Note: If you have Service Packs or Software Updates installed on your TMG, then to check the version number, you will have to click on View installed updates


In the below table, you can find the different version numbers for TMG 2010 :

TMG 2010 Level   TMG 2010 RTM

 TMG 2010 with SP1

 TMG 2010 With SP1 & SU1
Version From 
Help Menu   7.0.7734.100  7.0.8108.200 7.0.9027.400
System Node   7.0.7734.100  7.0.8108.200 7.0.9027.400
Uninstall a Program / view installed updates   7.0.7734  7.0.8108.200 7.0.9027.400


In this article, I've showed you three different ways to identify the version of TMG server 2010 that you are running, and how each version informs which Service Pack or Software Update is installed.

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